Vidal Sassoon autobiography

Models Direct: Vidal Sassoon autobiography
Models Direct: Vidal Sassoon autobiography

Vidal Sassoon, recently awarded a CBE for his services to the British hairdressing industry, has revealed that he is writing his autobiography. The legendary stylist is said to be writing the book himself and enjoying the experience! This is not the first book Sassoon has written, Cutting Hair the Vidal Sassoon Way is still widely available, however, there is more to Vidal Sassoon than hairdressing and writing alone. In 1982 he established the SICSA, a research centre devoted to the non-political, interdisciplinary gathering of information about anti-Semitism.

Sassoon was born to Jewish parents in London and spent six years in a Jewish orphanage in the city when their relationship broke down. Although too young to serve in the Second World War, Sassoon was a member of the 43 Group, a Jewish veterans’ militia organisation that broke up Fascist meetings in East London after the end of the war, he also fought in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War after joining the Israeli Defence Forces.

Release of the autobiography is anticipated to be next autumn. Would you buy it?

– Louise @ Models Direct

The end for the world’s most loved/hated shoe?

Models Direct: The end for the worlds most loved/hated shoe?
Models Direct: The end for the world's most loved/hated shoe?

You either love them or absolutely despise them, so there will be mixed response to the possible end for Crocs shoes. The Colorado-based company has lost $185m and has recently cut 2,000 jobs. This doesn’t seem too surprising; there are plenty of cheaper versions around which are much better than the £25 ish that you’d pay for an authentic pair (especially if you’re buying them for children who are likely to need larger sizes regularly). As well as this, they’re supposedly very hardwearing, meaning fewer repeat purchases from adults.

I was never a fan, but (I hear) they do have their positives. They’re good for lazy people who can’t be bothered to tie shoelaces. They’re good for wading through rivers (not a huge selling point for many people I’m guessing) and are good beach shoes.

But they do also have their disadvantages.  Despite the air holes, I’m guessing they can get pretty uncomfortable (and smelly) in hot weather. I’ve never worn a pair though, so that’s just an assumption. They’re not good for children who like to run around – there seem to have been lots of complaints from parents about accidents.

I had a bit of a giggle reading all the comments left about this article. Whether they’re great or not, Crocs have certainly created a huge divide between people. So, what do you think? Love them or hate them?

– Kathy @ Models Direct

A magical day for our model Yasamine!

Models Direct: Yasamine on the front cover of Nintendo’s Princess Debut
Models Direct: Yasamine on the front cover of Nintendo’s Princess Debut

Earlier this month, one of our models got to live out every girl’s dream and become a princess for the day! The 19-year-old model, Yasamine, completed an assignment for Models Direct where she was photographed to appear on the packaging of Nintendo’s new video game, titled Princess Debut.

Nintendo is one of the world’s leading games manufacturers, and Princess Debut is one of their top games for girls. In the game, the player has thirty days to get ready for the big ball. In that time, they have to master dance moves, choose the perfect outfit and find a Prince Charming to take to the ball.

Yasamine was pampered and fussed over, having her hair and makeup done and dressing up in a beautiful gown. She really enjoyed her day. “I was asked to act like a princess and dance as if I was at a ball, smiling and feeling excited to see my prince,” she said. “It felt amazing, dressing up, pretending to be a princess – you can’t complain!”

Yasamine is just one of our models here at Models Direct who has found success with a national campaign for a big brand. Look out for her on the front cover of Princess Debut, as pictured above!

– Lauren @ Models Direct

Men’s fashion trends from Milan

Here are Models Direct’s top ten trends that came out of Milan fashion week for 2009, some are more appealing than others!

1.    Pockets and plenty of them. Pockets have been commented on in one of Models Direct’s previous blogs, showing that Roger Federer was ahead of the fashion trends in his multi-pocketed jacket at Wimbledon.

2.    Combat shorts… or just shorts in general. (Another item of clothing to add pockets to). We could soon be seeing men in short shorts… a good or bad thing?

3.    Roomy trousers. Men should be ditching the skinny trousers (well, it was probably more boys than men wearing them in the first place) in favour of a more spacious pair. And if you’ve got nice shoes, roll them up at the bottom and have them on show.

4.    Animal print. Zebra stripes, leopard print, snakeskin effects? In my opinion, this one’s better left on the catwalk.

5.    Grey. Prada’s men’s show featured interesting, more casual variations of a grey suit. I like this look, I’d maybe like a splash more colour though.

6.    Pale denim. Shirts, jackets, jeans, whatever really, as long as they’re pale!

7.    Coats – Parka or Trench? This is apparently the debate of the season. I vote trench.

8.    Small bags. And I mean really small (take a look at Versace’s take on the bumbag). There were even men’s clutch bags on the catwalk!

9.    Bold colours. A contradiction to number 5, I know. Some of the popular catwalk colours from the likes of Burberry, Calvin Klein and Gucci are bright reds, oranges, pinks and blues.

10.    Shiny fabrics. Milan saw some bright, glossy jacket and trouser ensembles, as well as more casual outfits created by keeping just either the top or bottom half shiny. In a weird way I like this style, but I can’t help but think of Graham Norton.

So, which of these styles will catch on in the highstreet fashion world?

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