The end for the world’s most loved/hated shoe?

Models Direct: The end for the worlds most loved/hated shoe?
Models Direct: The end for the world's most loved/hated shoe?

You either love them or absolutely despise them, so there will be mixed response to the possible end for Crocs shoes. The Colorado-based company has lost $185m and has recently cut 2,000 jobs. This doesn’t seem too surprising; there are plenty of cheaper versions around which are much better than the £25 ish that you’d pay for an authentic pair (especially if you’re buying them for children who are likely to need larger sizes regularly). As well as this, they’re supposedly very hardwearing, meaning fewer repeat purchases from adults.

I was never a fan, but (I hear) they do have their positives. They’re good for lazy people who can’t be bothered to tie shoelaces. They’re good for wading through rivers (not a huge selling point for many people I’m guessing) and are good beach shoes.

But they do also have their disadvantages.  Despite the air holes, I’m guessing they can get pretty uncomfortable (and smelly) in hot weather. I’ve never worn a pair though, so that’s just an assumption. They’re not good for children who like to run around – there seem to have been lots of complaints from parents about accidents.

I had a bit of a giggle reading all the comments left about this article. Whether they’re great or not, Crocs have certainly created a huge divide between people. So, what do you think? Love them or hate them?

– Kathy @ Models Direct


3 thoughts on “The end for the world’s most loved/hated shoe?”

  1. Down with Crocs! Mum and I have got a Crocs war going on as she wants to buy them for my son. She did in the end, but he only wears them at her house. Vile things they are!

  2. Oh no, at least he’ll only wear them at your mum’s! Is he a fan of them?
    At least it’s hopefully the end for this crazy fashion trend…

  3. Yes he likes them. Only because people at nursery have them. I am taking him to Devon next week though and our favourite beach is pebbly, so might have to call Mum with my tail between my legs… They will ONLY be worn on the pebbly beach though.

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