A ‘Great British Education’ for Johnny Depp’s children

Models Direct: A Great British Education for Johnny Depps children
Models Direct: A 'Great British Education' for Johnny Depp's children

Johnny Depp favours British schools!

According to reports, he has already begun searching for the perfect institution for his children to receive a private education. The star and his long term partner Vanessa Paradis currently live in France with ten-year-old Lily-Rose, and seven-year-old Jack. It is rumoured that they are considering an exclusive private school near Bath, and that the couple may also buy a house in the area so that they can be close by.

The school remains unnamed for legal reasons but a representative has commented “As yet, he hasn’t enrolled his children and I believe he is looking at other schools,” adding, “If he is thinking of us for September (when the next school year stars) he had better be quick as the school is filling up fast for the new term.”

Are we lucky with our education system in this country, or does this only apply to private education in Britain?

– Louise @ Models Direct


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