Harry Potter: Style Icon?

Most people will have been aware of the release of the latest addition to the Harry Potter film series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and I’m sure plenty of you have been to see it.

It seems Harry Potter has become a bit of a style icon, with lots of people rushing to buy similar circle shaped glasses frames. Glasses Direct have noticed the sale of the John Lennon frames (£69, code: JL260F) increase dramatically as people try to achieve the wizard’s look.

The founder of Glasses Direct said “The Harry Potter-style glasses have been getting more and more popular recently and we’re seeing them flying off the shelves, on broomsticks! What we’re surprised by is that the popularity of these glasses seems to span all ages.”

And at least if this look doesn’t catch on, you’ve got an accessory for the next fancy dress party you attend, and two options of who you could go as!

So, the fashion has recently gone from square, Buddy Holly style glasses to thin, metallic circular frames, what shape frames will it be next?

Models Direct: Harry Potter: Style Icon?
Models Direct: Harry Potter: Style Icon?

– Kathy @ Models Direct

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