Last minute booking for award-winning photographer is no problem for Models Direct!

With only one hour’s notice the night before a shoot was due to take place, girls from our assignments department received a call from a desperate client who needed three ethnic models on a photographic shoot for Londis the next morning. The shoot locations were Dundee and Perth and the client, award winning Matt Wain Photography, required models to be photographed as shoppers in the store.

Models Jatesh, Magdalena and Farideh all stepped in at the last minute and thoroughly enjoyed the shoot, with Jatesh being described as “brilliant, professional class!” despite it being his very first modelling assignment.

Jatesh commented “I enjoyed my photo shoot at Londis. Matt the photographer and his team were really nice and they were easy to speak to.  I don’t think I could say anything bad about the day at all, everything went well and I can’t wait to do another job. Hopefully all photographers are as friendly as Matt.”

Need to find a model or interested in becoming a model? Contact us here at Models Direct.

– Louise @ Models Direct


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