Sienna Miller goes green – literally!

Models Direct: Sienna Miller
Models Direct: Sienna Miller

Bohemian beauty Sienna Miller has been talking to press about her past fashion horrors recently!

The actress and fashion pioneer has openly talked about being “short, skinny, [with] no boobs” as a teenager and says that she “went through a spotty 14-year-old phase” which she “remembers getting moody about”.

She’s also told an interviewer about trying to dye her naturally-blond hair back to its normal colour after going brunette, and ending up with bright green locks!

“When I went brunette, I stupidly dyed it myself with henna, not knowing it’s the worst thing you can put on blond hair,” the starlet explains. “It went bright green.”

The 27-year-old actress, model and fashion designer stars in new film ‘G.I. Joe’, which is out later this year. For more information about her gorgeous fashion line, Twenty8Twelve, have a look at here.

Do you have any cringe-worthy hair dying stories to share with us here at Models Direct HQ? We could do with a giggle on this unsummery grey August day…

– Lauren @ Models Direct

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