Skinny jeans are bad for your health?

Models Direct: Skinny Jeans
Models Direct: Skinny Jeans

I’m sure plenty of women have reluctantly squeezed into a pair of skinny jeans since they became fashionable. But now some experts are saying that the trend could be detrimental to women’s health.

Doctors are saying that women who wear jeans that are too tight may develop a nerve problem called Meralgia Paresthetica, or ‘tingling thigh syndrome’. It isn’t a new condition and more commonly affects pregnant women, construction workers and obese people but more and more young, fit women are experiencing it.

The pressure that is put on one a nerve that runs through the thigh causes a burning and tingling sensation, a bit like your leg has fallen asleep. Luckily the problem rarely causes any permanent damage.

I like skinny jeans but I think it’s silly for people to wear them if they’re uncomfortably tight. I don’t think wearing a slightly larger size would make too much difference to how they look, they’d be more pleasant to wear and there wouldn’t be the risk of tingly thigh syndrome.

What do you think about skinny jeans? If you wear them, will this discovery change your mind?

– Kathy @ Models Direct


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