Christina Aguilera to star alongside Cher in new movie

Models Direct: Christina Aguilera
Models Direct: Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera will be begin filming for ‘Burlesque’ in November, a movie where she will play a small town girl who makes it in a Los Angeles burlesque club. This will be Aguilera’s first movie and she is very excited to be working alongside Cher.

“Cher will be starring with me, so it’s very exciting for me to step into that project and I’ll be taking it very seriously, so that’s actually what I am diving into filming over the next few months,” she commented to the Associated Press.

The movie is being directed by Steve Antin, whose brother, Robin Antin, is founder of the Pussy Cat Dolls.

Christina Aguilera is currently recording her new album, which she has described as “futuristic” but she denies being influenced by acts such as Lady Gaga. She has also just launched her own online radio show.

– Louise @ Models Direct

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