Socks and Sandals: Fashion or Faux Pas?

Models Direct: Socks and Sandals
Models Direct: Socks and Sandals

Ah, socks and sandals, my favourite fashion faux pas! But is the ‘style’ going to be the next big fashion trend?

The catwalk collections (for both men and women) of Prada, Christopher Bailey and Marni have featured the combination, and celebrities are taking the trend on board. Chloë Sevigny and Lindsay have been seen sporting the latest trend.

Socks have always been a staple part of the Japanese ‘kawaii’ style and now it seems that making a statement with your socks is becoming more popular. Socks and tights from Japanese company Tabio are now available in seven shops across London, including Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. Check out their collection of ‘footsies’, some of them are a bit bizarre, but I love them.

So, should we give socks and sandals a chance? Or is it still a style best left to the less stylish demographic?

Personally I think the examples of socks with high heels (below) look good, but I do think it would look better if the toes weren’t on display. As for the men, I’m still undecided. I think you need a lot of confidence to try it and pull it off, and you should be ready for criticism!

Models Direct: Socks and Sandals

– Kathy @ Models Direct

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