When I grow up I want to be…

Every child has an idea of what they’d like to be when they grow up; although maybe some are a little unrealistic with their choices (I’m not ashamed to admit that I wanted to be an astronaut).

The success of Formula 1 racers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button over the last couple of seasons has had many British fans on the edge of their seats. I’m sure it has also inspired a new generation of drivers.

Becoming a racing driver is probably a common desire of young boys, and probably some girls as well. In fact I know plenty of grown-ups who would still consider this their dream job!

Soon, even if they don’t have the car, children will be able to dress like last year’s champion Lewis Hamilton. Marks & Spencer has announced the launch of Formula 1 inspired range ‘Living The Dream’. M&S is working with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team to create clothing inspired the team’s suits and logos. The range will be available in stores and online from September 19th.

Personally, I’d prefer to see some Braun GP clothing, I’m more of a Button fan…

Models Direct: F1 Clothing
Models Direct: F1 Clothing

– Kathy @ Models Direct


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