High Five – a new kind of gloves!

I’m a big fan of high fives and I’ve just come across the perfect accessory for fellow high-fivers.

These mittens are from designer Kate Spade, sister-in-law of actor and comedian David Spade and the co-founder and namesake of Kate Spade New York.

With winter quickly approaching I would love a pair! I have the image of people walking around wintry cities, huddled up in their warm coats, seeing another person wearing these mittens and then spontaneously high-fiving each other… is this just me?

Annoyingly, they’re very expensive; $95 is far too much to spend on a pair of gloves, especially novelty gloves. Luckily they’re sold out at the moment anyway so I can avoid the temptation!

Models Direct: High Five Gloves
Models Direct: High Five Gloves

She has also designed this pair, perfect for hailing a cab!

Models Direct: Taxi Gloves
Models Direct: Taxi Gloves

I’m now trying to think of more witty glove designs… maybe I could take up knitting and make them myself!

– Kathy @ Models Direct

Interested in fashion and modelling? Click here to visit the Models Direct website.

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