A Good Night’s Entertainment for Models Emma and Tatyana

Two models, Emma and Tatyana, were selected to go for a casting with the writer and director of stage production Girls Night and were chosen above the other models to play the roles.

The whole process was really quick and just two days after impressing the production team, the two models were taking part in a photoshoot to provide images for publicity material.

The two models had to take on very different personas. Emma played an outrageous extrovert while Tatyana was more reserved. They were both perfect for the roles!

“I felt perfectly comfortable and I’m happy with the experience,” Tatyana told one Models Direct coordinator. “I really enjoyed it and would love to do it again.”

“It felt really good and was enjoyable and fun,” Emma agreed. “The client was friendly and very easy to work with.”

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Have You Ever Considered Promotional Modelling?

Are you lively, bubbly and outgoing? If so, have you ever thought of promotional modelling?

Two Models Direct models, Alena and Hannah, proved to be perfect for this type of modelling in a recent assignment at the Service Managemment Expo 2009. The girls were helping to promote a new design from Destiny PLC, drawing customers to the stall, handing out leaflets and answering the public’s questions.

Andy from Destiny PLC was really pleased with their performance. “The assignment went extremely well,” he informed us. “Both girls were extremely punctual and had great can-do attitudes.”

The models also offered their feedback on the assignment. “I feel very happy about the assignment,” Alena told Models Direct. “It was an enjoyable two days with great people to work with. It always feels great and exciting to be a model and makes a nice change from everyday life!”

Read more about this assignment here.


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Back to School for Anna-Marie and Camilla!

Two of Models Direct’s female models recently went back to college for an assignment at Stroud College, Gloucestershire, helping media students learn how to direct a photoshoot.

Students at the college required some models who would work on a ‘time-for-prints’ basis, and therefore receive photos for their portfolios as payment. Of course this was no problem for Models Direct!

After viewing a selection of models’ portfolios the lucky models chosen were Anna-Marie and Camilla.

The models spent some time with the students to listen to their ideas on the looks that were being portrayed, including powerful businesswomen, a musician in a band as well as some more general fashion photography shots.

So what did Anna-Marie and Camilla think of the assignment? Models Direct found out.

“I was really pleased with how it went, couldn’t have gone better really,” Camilla informed Models Direct. “I felt very relaxed and the time seemed to fly by. It was great to meet new people and talk to the media students about their ideas and how it went for them.”

“It was so much fun and everyone was a joy to work with,” Anna-Marie agreed, saying the best thing about the assignment was “getting the experience of being in front of the camera and working with all different people and their ideas.”

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Gary has Repeat Assignments with Models Direct


One of our male models, Gary, impressed client Design Entity so much that he was invited back twice more after his first assignment with them.

Design Entity had been looking for models for Masterfix London, which offers plumbing, heating and electrical services to name just a few. The pictures have been used for publicity material and the company’s website.

Each assignment involved Gary, along with a couple of other Models Direct models, dressing up in jeans, t-shirts and work boots and posing with various tools and props.

Gary has enjoyed all his assignments with Design Entity, especially meeting the clients again. “I feel good and would like to do it again. It was only for an hour but I felt at ease and enjoyed it,” Gary told us after his most recent assignment.

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Baby Harry Received His First Assignment Today, Just One Day After Registering!

Models Direct loves giving models the chance to show off their skills and helping them get their foot in the modelling door. That’s why everyone in the office was really excited to hear about model Harry.

Harry signed up with Models Direct yesterday and has already been selected for his first assignment and at just five and a half months old he’s starting his career early! The young baby model will be taking part in a photoshoot alongside one of our female models, Gemma.

I’ll let you know how the photoshoot goes!

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A Great Assignment Modelling for the NHS

Balbinder and Daniel

Four of our models, Daniel, Nadeem, Balbinder and Hannah, were chosen to star in a photoshoot for the South Essex NHS Partnership Trust.

The trust needed photos to be featured in an NHS brochure to be used internally. The photoshoot took place in a modern secure forensic prison (there were no patients at the time). Each of them posed around the hospital acting as patients and nurses, showing the features of the unit.

All of the models enjoyed the assignment and getting to know each other. Here are some comments from the models.

“I totally enjoyed the experience as it was a completely relaxed environment,” Hannah told us. “I felt important and able to offer support.”

“I feel very happy with the work I have just done and the people I was working with,” Daniel informed us. “This was my first assignment as a model and I found it exciting and I am looking forward to the next one.”

What tips would Daniel give to other new models? “Be yourself, have fun and listen to direction.” Here at Models Direct we think that’s some very good advice!



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An ‘Ideal’ Assignment for Model Reney

To be a fitting model you need to have the exact measurements a client requires so if you’ve got a good body it can be great area of modelling to get into. Fitting models are used to showcase collections to potential buyers when a clothes hanger just wouldn’t do the outfit justice.

Recently, one of our male models Reney did some fitting modelling for Ideal Europe, a shirt making company in Watford, Hertfordshire. It was something he found to be new and exciting. He was asked to model lots of different outfits and describe the fit to those at Ideal Europe as well as have photographs taken for in-house use.

“The assignment went extremely smoothly as all staff involved were extremely friendly which made me feel at ease,” Reney told one Models Direct coordinator. “It felt exciting, like starting a new career.” He also offered some words of advice for other potential models, “it’s not as easy as everyone thinks!”

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Make-up Tips and Hot Colours for Winter from the Models Direct Team

At the end of 2009 we were all reading up on the latest trends and make-up was no exception. After all, what better way to set off our statement shoulders, distressed denim or over the knee boots?

Whatever your style, your make up is the icing on the cake, completing your individual look and saying a lot about who you are. So how do you get it right? And what are the current key shades and leading products that we should all be taking note of?

Models Direct would like to share some tips on what’s hot for winter…

•    Skin – Luminous dewy skin with subtle highlights is a great place to start.

•    Colour Trends – There is no doubt that sophisticated purple is big news for those who wish to keep their look bang on trend into next season, from deep plum shades to softer hues.

•    Eyes – Should be mysterious and smoky and may include wet-look/metallic shadows on inner corners.

•    Lips – It is probably best to stick with the nude lips trend if you are going to experiment with bold eye shades. (Red lipstick is back as an alternative look for those who dare, but Models Direct would advise that you keep other colour on the face neutral if you are going for red lips.)

Christian Dior
have really set the tone for the winter make up shades with their ‘New Fall Look’, including a gorgeous purple range, created by Artistic Director, Tyen, and inspired by John Galliano’s catwalk collections as seen on models on the Dior runways earlier in the year. Tyen has been with Dior for 30 years and his expertise shines through when you take a closer look.

The ‘New Fall Look’ according to Dior, is, “Very 30’s” and “Wildly glamorous…” and takes influence direct from “icons of Hollywood studios and the figureheads of the Jazz age”

Look out for the ‘Jazz Club eye pallette’ shown below, complete with brow shadow and eyeliner and presented in a cute and stylish clutch bag-style compact, this product puts you in mind of smoky Parisian jazz venues and can provide the wearer with the kind of mysterious elegance that Autumn/Winter 2009/10 is all about.
If you are lucky enough to have green, blue/green or hazel eyes the new purple shades will look stunning on you, however if you feel purple is too bold for you the colour palettes below provide fab alternatives;

Best for brown eyes; (Blue/Teal hues)

Best for blue eyes; (Brown/Gold hues)

Also check out MyFace Eye Touch ‘Blingtones’, available at boots for a more affordable look.

If you’re already thinking about spring come back soon for a Models Direct beauty update.

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Caroline for Carolyn: A Great Plus-size Fashion Shoot for Models Direct

Last year a new designer launched herself into the plus-size fashion market, Carolyn. Models Direct were lucky enough to provide her with a model.

Carolyn de la Drapiere provides luxurious fashion alternatives from the high street for women sized 12-26. You can find the collection on the website here. The company even makes bespoke pieces – perfect if you want something completely original!

Carolyn came to Models Direct when she needed a plus-size model to take part in a photoshoot in west London to provide images for the website. The model chosen was Caroline, who described the shoot as “interesting and different. Exciting and challenging.”

Here at Models Direct, we like this quote from Carolyn at her launch…

“I was amazed how many slim people came and congratulated me on how gorgeous and sexy the models looked. It was if they were surprised that curvy women could look so great. One woman said they looked simply luscious and completely edible.”

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Jamie Spent the Day Modelling Stylish Sportswear

SubSeventy is a golf clothing company that aims to ‘funk up your game’. When they needed a man to model clothes on the website, they came to us. They wanted someone aged twenty-five or over, who was over 6ft and fit and healthy looking.

Jamie was the man chosen to model the stylish sportswear and the photos are featured on the website. This was his first assignment with Models Direct since signing up in June.

He gave us some feedback on how the photoshoot went.
“It went very smoothly and ran on time, the whole experience was very professional,” Jamie informed us. “It was good fun and I was treated well by the photographer.” He said the best thing about the assignment was being paid to have fun.

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