A Great First Assignment for Kat Modelling for Schwarzkopf

It’s not every day you get paid to have your hair cut and coloured by top hair-care professionals, so Models Direct model Kat jumped at the chance for this assignment. She starred in a step-by-step video for Schwarzkopf, filmed by award-winning television and video production company Signal.

Signal had never used Models Direct before but were impressed by the service offered. “I was a little hesitant to use Models Direct having never heard or worked them before but it’s been a pleasure,” commented Stacy from Signal. “The model was absolutely fantastic. We were very pleased with her and our client was too!”

Kat is obviously a natural in front of the camera! “It was a really fun day and I loved every minute of it,” she told us. “As long as you are confident, organised and have a sense of humour, modelling is definitely a great profession.”

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