Baby Models Teach Teens an Important Lesson!

Later in the year three you can see three Models Direct baby models appearing on Channel 4’s ‘Sex Education Show’.

The babies, Amelia, Jayden and Paige, were handed over to a group of teenagers to show how hard it is to look after a child. All of the mums had some great feedback and here at Models Direct we can’t wait to see the programme when it’s shown on TV.

“Amelia thoroughly enjoyed her first assignment and loved all the cameras and lights etc,” Amelia’s mum Krystal told us in her feedback. “Amelia She particularly enjoyed being with her fellow models and has made two new friends. Amelia behaved impeccably and enjoyed all the attention all the attention she was getting from the teenagers, presenter, production and crew. We hope any future assignments are as successful as today!”

You can read more about this baby modelling assignment here!

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Tabitha’s Out Modelling Bridalwear Today and Tomorrow!

Last week two of our models attended a casting for a catwalk/promotional assignment modelling bridal footwear and accessories. Here at Models Direct we were really pleased to find out that one of our models, Tabitha, has been selected for the job! The event is going on today and tomorrow and we can’t wait to hear Tabitha’s feedback.

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A Relaxing Assignment for Models Direct’s Selina

Last month one of our lucky models was selected to take part in a photoshoot in a hotel. Selina was photographed in her own swimwear and casual clothing posing around the swimming pool and sauna areas of the hotel.

Models Direct asked her from some feedback. “It was great being a model for the day, a lot of smiling!” was Selina’s response.

Baby Models Beat Competition to Become the Faces of Pampers!

Last month Models Direct sent eight baby models out on a casting to see if they could become models for famous brand Pampers.

The casting agent was looking for tanned and dark-skinned babies aged 6-14 months. Baby models Alissia, Ousmane, Firdous, Ruth, Jayden, Jack, Oduware, Armani and Renell were selected from their profile photos to attend the casting. They each spent around ten minutes with the casting director so she could find out more about their personalities.

Models Direct were really happy when they found out Jayden and Ruth had been selected for the photo shoot. Both of the babies were booked for five hours for the photo shoot, in which they would be photographed sleeping – which could have proved difficult!

The assignment went well and we can’t wait to see the final pictures. Meanwhile, here’s some feedback from Ruth’s mum Denise.

“The day went well and the client was very patient and accommodating,” Denise informed Models Direct. “It was a lovely calm atmosphere, and although Ruth cannot speak for herself, I can say that she felt very relaxed. The best thing about the day was seeing it all come together and realising how much hard work goes into these shoots.”

You can read more about this baby modelling assignment here.

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Model Emma Poses for Local Photographer

Earlier this month Models Direct model Emma enjoyed her first photo shoot. The assignment was with DB Photography.

The photography company was looking for a professional looking woman in her mid thirties who would be suitable for a number of business shots. The assignment took place at the Henderson Business Centre in Norwich.

Models Direct asked Emma how she felt about the assignment.

“I really enjoyed my first shoot, the client was very friendly and nice and made me feel at ease,” Emma explained. “I was asked to do a ‘tired at work’ and ‘healthy eating’ shoot which I enjoyed, especially as I got to eat it! I did find the stressed look quite hard and am intrigued as to how they look.”

You can read more about this photographic modelling assignment here.

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Lights, Camera, Action! Testing Lighting Equipment with Activity Domain

So far, client Activity Domain has completed two assignments with Models Direct models, with another one booked to take place soon.

The company has been testing various lighting equipment and accessories to provide feedback and examples to supplement training material for clients. The two assignments so far have gone really well. We asked the models, Wei and Charlene, for their feedback.


“It was really good,” Charlene told Models Direct. “I was nervous at the time but the photographer made me feel at ease. I really enjoyed every minute of it and would love to do it again.”

Models Direct are really pleased that the assignments went well and hope the next will be just as successful!

You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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Modelling Makeup!

Last month, one female model was selected by a long-term client of Models Direct. We have supplied models for one make-up artist throughout her training and to provide images for her portfolio. This time it was model Ellis chosen for the assignment. She said this about the assignment…

“I really enjoyed being a model for Karen, she was really friendly and we got on well. For my assignment I had to get my make up done, then have pictures taken of me. Overall I really enjoyed the experience and I hope to do more work in the future.”

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