Baby Models Teach Teens an Important Lesson!

Later in the year three you can see three Models Direct baby models appearing on Channel 4’s ‘Sex Education Show’.

The babies, Amelia, Jayden and Paige, were handed over to a group of teenagers to show how hard it is to look after a child. All of the mums had some great feedback and here at Models Direct we can’t wait to see the programme when it’s shown on TV.

“Amelia thoroughly enjoyed her first assignment and loved all the cameras and lights etc,” Amelia’s mum Krystal told us in her feedback. “Amelia She particularly enjoyed being with her fellow models and has made two new friends. Amelia behaved impeccably and enjoyed all the attention all the attention she was getting from the teenagers, presenter, production and crew. We hope any future assignments are as successful as today!”

You can read more about this baby modelling assignment here!

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