Models Direct’s Tabitha Plays the Blushing Bride

Model Tabitha was given the enviable job of modelling bridal accessories for Rainbow Club. Although there was a mix-up on the date of the assignment (no one could find anyone else!), Tabitha did so well that she’s been asked back for a similar assignment soon. Here’s what Tabitha said about the promotional assignment.

“They were really friendly and it was a relaxed environment,” Tabitha told Models Direct coordinators. “I had clear directions; I had to wear the shoes, veils and headpieces and also have some photos in the veils. All went well so they want to use me again.”

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A Makeover for Sarah with Repeat Client Karen

Models Direct have been helping makeup artist Karen by providing models for the last year. After qualifying from a top hair and beauty school, Karen needed models to practise on and photograph for her portfolio. This month Sarah had her second assignment with the stylist.

“It felt fantastic modelling for the day,” Sarah informed Models Direct coordinators. “I really enjoy working with Karen and had a lovely morning with her. The best thing about the assignment was having my makeup done. I was asked to have my makeup done and then to pose for a selection of photos.”

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A Scientific Assignment for Models Jahmel and Karolina

After each assignment he’s received through Models Direct, model Jahmel always provides us with some brilliant (and funny) feedback. This was the case with his most recent assignment for the Science Museum in London.

“I had to sit on a stool and take a thousand and one photos, moving my head slightly forward and chin up and all those challenging directions that most people would require a PHD in order to do,” Jahmel jokes. “It was fun anyway. I got to make like I was important for three hours before going to my day job where my model features are wasted and I just blend in with all the others whilst dreaming about what my next shoot will be like.”

You can read Jahmel’s full account of the assignment here.

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“I haven’t had that much fun for a long time,” says Model Adrian

Modelling morris-dancing outfits may not sound very glamorous, but it proved to be a great day for 49-year-old Adrian. He was involved in a photo shoot to compare the old costumes with the more modern outfits that have just been introduced. Here’s what Adrian had to say about the assignment.

“I haven’t had that much fun for a long time,” Adrian explained enthusiastically. “The shoot was relaxed, professional and fun. I trust I got on OK with the photographer and the person for whom he was working. I hope I did well and produced the goods for the client.”

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Warning: This Picture May Make You Hungry!

In a recent assignment, 20-year-old Ed was sent out on a photographic assignment for a repeat client of Models Direct, Torch B2B. Ed was photographed eating a sandwich as part of an advertising campaign. Here’s what he told us about the assignment.

“It was really good fun working with a team of people on the same project,” Ed explained. “It was nice to see that the chosen picture was suitable for their needs. The professionalism of the photographer was encouraging in helping me perform to their expectations. The project was well explained and I knew what was wanted.”

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Another Assignment for Baby Jayden with Pampers

We’ve already posted about the recent assignment for Pampers. Since then one of the models has been selected again by the client to appear in more publicity materials for the massive baby brand.

Here’s what baby Jayden’s mum Evelyn said about her son’s second assignment with Models Direct.

“Jayden enjoyed himself and I could see he had a good time,” Evelyn informed us. “The best thing about the assignment was that everyone was very friendly and caring. It was a Pampers photo shoot and Jayden had to pose lying on his belly, looking up and looking up and smiling. I can say that it was quite difficult but everything went well in the end. Thank you for letting us represent you.”

You can read more about the Pampers baby modelling assignment here.

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Two Very Different Assignments with Models Direct…

Just to show how varied the assignments that Models Direct receive are here are just two of the assignments that are taking place this week.

Firstly, we have a British Bulldog called Charlie appearing on the channel five ‘Live From Studio Five’ tomorrow. He will be asked to pull out a bone from a dog bowl which will have a World Cup match score prediction on it. We wonder if it’ll be right!

Secondly, one of our models, Peter, is leaving rainy England and flying out to sunny Portugal today. This is a role play assignment and he will be acting as a patient at a medical conference. It’s alright for some!

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Ashleigh and Shae-Love are STILL Enjoying Assignments with Smiffy’s

Smiffy’s favourite child models Ashleigh and Shae-Love were selected yet again for two more assignments with the fancy dress company. They have already had their first of the two assignments, a fitting session, and are looking forward to the photo shoot next week.

Ashleigh’s mum Kerry offered her feedback.

“We drove Ashleigh to Leeds for costume fittings for the client Smiffy’s,” she told Models Direct. “As usual the staff were very friendly and made both Ashleigh and I feel very welcome.”

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Models John and Carlos Cruise the Catwalk

Two of our male models, John and Carlos, took part in a fashion event in the stylish Cruise store in Aberdeen that stocks designer brands including Prada, Gucci and Jimmy Choo.

John and Carlos both enjoyed strutting their way through the spectators on this catwalk assignment. Models Direct asked them how the evening went.

“The experience was great fun,” John informed Models Direct. “It was the first time I had done anything like it. Getting to do something completely different from normal was appreciated.”


You can read more about this assignment here.

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A Lovely Message of Thanks from Model Nick

We received a lovely email from one of our models, Nick, who took part in an assignment for Hampshire County Council yesterday, thanking Models Direct for our hard work. He also took to his own blog to make this comment about our agency…

“Models Direct have been excellent at providing suitable roles in photographic and video assignments. My agent is very friendly and great with communication. I was paid the day after the shoot, which is unheard of with other agencies. They are highly recommended.”

Thank you for your wonderful comments!