Models Direct’s Child Modelling Assignment with Kit for Kids

Nine child models were chosen to take part in a number of assignments with Models Direct repeat client Kit For Kids. However, it didn’t wasn’t too much hard work as they were photographed playing with the company’s products. Read on for some of the feedback from the parents.

“Morgan was asked to play with toys, read books, pull faces and play with the group,” Morgan’s mum Claire informed us. “Morgan really enjoyed the shoot and she made friends with the other children involved. She was very relaxed and performed well.”

“Zach had a great time modelling for Kit For Kids,” Zach’s mum Sam agreed. “This was his first modelling assignment and he loved every minute of it. Zach enjoyed having lots of different photos taken and made some great friends that he hopes to see again. Thank you Models Direct for a great day!”

You can read more about this child modelling assignment here.

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