Getting the Right Kind of Modelling Practice

Modelling is one of those jobs where people often won’t give you good advice, especially other models. When competition is high, people tend to keep their cards close to their chests. We were thinking to ourselves recently, how can people get experience that might help them to get better assignments? One idea we had was still life modelling.

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Although slightly different to most people’s general idea of modelling, modelling for still life art classes can be good money for a couple of hours a week. A typical session lasts 2 hours, during which you have to stay completely still, and pays around £50. It is a myth that you have to be nude and although some classes will request this, many won’t.

Every town in the UK has some form of art group evening classes and every college has still life classes. Getting in touch with your local group might land you an evening or two’s work – and you also get to meet new people and even find a new hobby! Although Models Direct don’t offer these kind of modeling jobs, we do encourage people to think outside the box and make connections that can further their careers. Practicing in front of a mirror can only get you so far, and you won’t have the pressure of being watched so put yourself in a new position, perhaps out of your comfort zone, and get the experience you need to succeed! Find out more about Models Direct in the video below the post and remember that you can always drop us a Facebook message to the Models Direct page and one of the team will do their best to help!

Models Direct: Modelling for Beginners

Models Direct: Modelling for Beginners

Being a model is one of those jobs that can change your life if you get lucky. Are you thinking of getting involved in the industry any time soon? You can get where you want to be by concentrating on the details and avoiding the mistakes of others. One thing you need to do is learn about the industry. You need to find some time to speak to people in the industry and learn what they did to get where they are. It is possible to do this over the internet without having to search for people physically. There are many agencies out there; some are credible while others are not very reliable. Models Direct have been around for 25 years, an achievement we are proud of. We have heard of many people who end up wasting their time and money focusing on modelling advice style agencies.

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As a beginner, you also need to be ready for what is coming ahead of you. Modelling involves a lot of dedication and sacrifice. For example, you may have to lose some weight and you will notice the constant pressure to impress at all times. Caring for your body is the most important aspect of your modelling career. You need to ensure that you are of the right weight and that your skin looks healthy at all times.

Avoid fizzy drinks, even diet ones. They are terrible for facial skin aging, and also have other effects on your health – not just the teeth. Also, avoid weird diets. More often than not, they shock your body into losing weight, and as soon as you return to normal eating you end up like you were before. Little and often is a good phrase to remember, whether it’s for food or exercise. Taking on too much can just be demotivating! If you would like to know more about Models Direct or Talent Management, visit our other blogs and watch the official Models Direct video below this post. On our website you can see modeling jobs as they come in, and see which ones you think you’d be right for. They are all posted on the Models Direct job board! Happy hunting!