Last minute booking for award-winning photographer is no problem for Models Direct!

With only one hour’s notice the night before a shoot was due to take place, girls from our assignments department received a call from a desperate client who needed three ethnic models on a photographic shoot for Londis the next morning. The shoot locations were Dundee and Perth and the client, award winning Matt Wain Photography, required models to be photographed as shoppers in the store.

Models Jatesh, Magdalena and Farideh all stepped in at the last minute and thoroughly enjoyed the shoot, with Jatesh being described as “brilliant, professional class!” despite it being his very first modelling assignment.

Jatesh commented “I enjoyed my photo shoot at Londis. Matt the photographer and his team were really nice and they were easy to speak to.  I don’t think I could say anything bad about the day at all, everything went well and I can’t wait to do another job. Hopefully all photographers are as friendly as Matt.”

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– Louise @ Models Direct

Working in the fashion industry is “not about thinking that it’s the cool thing; it’s about really believing in it”

For lots of people, working in the fashion industry would be a dream job, whether it’s as a designer, a model or a photographer. Reality TV shows such as Stylista, Project Runway and the Next Top Model series’ have inspired more people to try and get into this line of work.

However, according to Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue magazine, these programmes are making work in the fashion industry too easy. They are encouraging people to do it because it’s the ‘in’ thing, rather than, as she says, “believing in it.”

Her advice is: “Don’t go too fast. Because of reality television, everyone imagines they can just be a fashion designer, photographer, or model. That’s not the way things go. Learn your craft.”

This opinion is fair enough, but maybe just a little bit hypocritical. Vogue has announced that it is making its own series of short videos, Model.Live, to be shown on Vogue.TV online starting on August 19th. Apparently it’s not reality TV, “just amateurs live”. The show will follow three models through their work at the major fashion weeks and address any issues that arise including eating disorders or depression. It’s costing them a huge $3 million dollars to make (the shows are only 8 minutes long which means about $31,000 a minute) so lets hope it’s worth it!

Are programmes like this worth it, inspiring a new generation for the fashion industry? Or are they just a waste of money?

Models Direct: Working in the fashion industry
Models Direct: Working in the fashion industry

– Kathy @ Models Direct

A magical day for our model Yasamine!

Models Direct: Yasamine on the front cover of Nintendo’s Princess Debut
Models Direct: Yasamine on the front cover of Nintendo’s Princess Debut

Earlier this month, one of our models got to live out every girl’s dream and become a princess for the day! The 19-year-old model, Yasamine, completed an assignment for Models Direct where she was photographed to appear on the packaging of Nintendo’s new video game, titled Princess Debut.

Nintendo is one of the world’s leading games manufacturers, and Princess Debut is one of their top games for girls. In the game, the player has thirty days to get ready for the big ball. In that time, they have to master dance moves, choose the perfect outfit and find a Prince Charming to take to the ball.

Yasamine was pampered and fussed over, having her hair and makeup done and dressing up in a beautiful gown. She really enjoyed her day. “I was asked to act like a princess and dance as if I was at a ball, smiling and feeling excited to see my prince,” she said. “It felt amazing, dressing up, pretending to be a princess – you can’t complain!”

Yasamine is just one of our models here at Models Direct who has found success with a national campaign for a big brand. Look out for her on the front cover of Princess Debut, as pictured above!

– Lauren @ Models Direct