Charlie the Bulldog Predicted World Cup Scores

If you’re a fan of the television show Live from Studio Five you may have seen one of our pet models appear as part of the build up to the World Cup. The producers were looking for a British Bulldog to appear on the show, picking out scores for the England vs. USA match. It was Catherine’s well trained pooch Charlie who was selected for the part.

“Charlie enjoyed being in the TV studio, he was very relaxed and worked well with the cameras and actors,” Catherine informed Models Direct after the assignment took place. “As we were broadcasting live we haven’t seen the footage, but our friends tell us that he came across very well and members of the public emailed to remark on how well behaved Charlie was.”

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Two Very Different Assignments with Models Direct…

Just to show how varied the assignments that Models Direct receive are here are just two of the assignments that are taking place this week.

Firstly, we have a British Bulldog called Charlie appearing on the channel five ‘Live From Studio Five’ tomorrow. He will be asked to pull out a bone from a dog bowl which will have a World Cup match score prediction on it. We wonder if it’ll be right!

Secondly, one of our models, Peter, is leaving rainy England and flying out to sunny Portugal today. This is a role play assignment and he will be acting as a patient at a medical conference. It’s alright for some!

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