Models Direct Guide to Female Modelling

A lot of aspiring female models want to be a model because it brings all the fame and fortune they dream of. However, it’s an extremely competitive and cut-throat business that will more likely break you than make you. Here are some cold, hard truths about becoming a model, and many survive on nothing more than a pot of noodles a night. In these times, it is important to stay focused, remember who you are not lower your standards.

Don’t do any kind of female modelling you are not fully comfortable with.


If you don’t want to do glamour work or are uncomfortable doing full nudity, speak up and don’t let people push you past those limits – a picture lasts a lifetime. It is important to bring an adult who can supervise you at all times. If you want to become fashion models when you are older you may be discriminated against for getting your clothes off, or use it as a PR stunt! Think about your career as a whole and don’t do anything to tarnish your good name.
Having the right modelling agency behind you will make or break your modelling career. Choose an established and reputable agency. If you’ve decided signing with an agency isn’t right for you, you could consider going freelance. But be warned- the pay is usually considerably less and there are fewer safety precautions. Many clients will refuse to work with an un-signed model. Get a good, up-dated modelling portfolio and get cracking on finding the right modelling agency for you.

Generally, any model has to have energy and be healthy, having clear skin, a full head of hair, and good teeth. Other qualities such as height and weight depend on what you’re female modelling, plus size female modelling does not require you to be skinny. If you don’t generally fit the criteria of a model you can try becoming a body parts model. When you turn up for a modelling shoot be professional, polite and friendly and don’t forget to focus on the job. Make sure they remember you positively.
Decide what kind of model you’d like to be. Technically, anybody can be a model. However, do remember that if you don’t meet certain requirements that big brands are attracted to, that big contract you want may not be a reality. Be persistent, learn to handle rejection and believe in yourself and you will succeed.


New Footballer Direct video Released

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Watch this video to find out more about Footballer Direct.


Models Direct’s Lydia has ‘a great day’

Models Direct’s Lydia had a great day on a recent modelling assignment for the storage company Action Storage Systems.



‘I had a great day, the people I worked with were very friendly and made me feel really comfortable.’ Lydia’s photographs are set to appear in the company’s annual catalogue out in January of next year. We can’t wait to see them!

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Willow Fondation Charity Auction Night

Models Direct’s models Meg and Jo had lots of fun helping with a charity auction event over the weekend. The night was all in aid of raising money for the Willow Foundation charity which provides special days for seriously ill 16 to 40 year olds. As part of their role Meg and Jo were asked to show auction items and take the sealed bids.

‘The evening was absolutely amazing, great food, and most of all lovely people coming together for a great cause.’

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Teenage Model Khade Gets Picked Again!

Models Direct’s teenage model Khade proved so much of a hit on his first shoot with the online retailer MandM Direct that he was recently asked back for a second modelling assignment.

Khade had great fun modelling sportswear for the company’s online catalogue. His mother told Models Direct he had a really good time, ‘Another really enjoyable assignment with MandM direct. Khade worked along side a female model which was great fun. Another very positive experience for him.’

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Models Direct’s Clare Takes Part In Live Fashion Show

When The White Company came to Models Direct they were looking for a female to model their clothing range for an in-store fashion evening. It was our lucky model Clare that got selected for the assignment and she had a brilliant time.

‘I really enjoyed working with the friendly people from The White Company and loved the experience of taking part in a live show.’

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Models Direct: Cat Model Serendipity Receives Lots Of Attention

Here at Models Direct it’s not only people that get to model, but pets too! This week cat model Serendipity got to model for the home shopping company, Kleeneze.

Serendipity’s owner had a great time, “It was a nice friendly environment – the reception staff made such a fuss over Dippy – I had to keep tight hold as there was talk of ‘catnapping’!”

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