Baby Receives Assignment Within One Day of Registering – An Update

A while ago I posted the great news that one of our baby models, Harry, was chosen for an assignment within 24 hours of registering with Models Direct. We’ve had some great feedback from his mum Julia about his first modelling assignment. Here’s what she had to say…

“We had an early start to the day but Harry arrived in good spirits. He had to play an unwanted baby and therefore the shoots were natural shots of him in the other model’s arms,” Julia explained. “It took an hour or so to get enough pictures and he was really good until the very end when he grumbled a little as he was tired, but this just added to the realism of the shot.”

“I’m really glad it went smoothly as it’s obviously a little nervewracking, being his first assignment,” she continued. “We were made to feel incredibly welcome and everyone was lovely which made for a nice, relaxing experience. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result and any potential next assignments!”

You can read more about this baby modelling assignment here.

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Baby Beautiful

Back in October production company The Edge Picture Company turned to Models Direct when they needed a baby model to feature in a film for Scottish and Southern energy.

Nick from The Edge Picture Company was looking for a baby with a dark or olive skin tone aged nine to ten months. Our coordinators sent over photos of a selection of babies and in the end it was Mirah from Glasgow who was chosen.

Mirah’s mum Heather couldn’t have been more proud! Here’s what she said about her daughter’s first experience of modelling.

“It was fun for both Mirah and myself and very interesting to see how it all works,” Heather told us. “Mirah seemed to feel at ease and happy with the people around her and her surroundings. I was asked to put Mirah in her high chair while a scene was filmed with a woman who was meant to be her mother. Later she was to fall asleep in the woman’s arms. She snuggled in almost on queue and the producer was very pleased with her performance.”

“If you think your child is suited to being a baby model or in front of a camera with lots of people then give it a go. It makes you very proud to see your baby enjoying themselves and it gives you something to look back on in the years to come.”

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Baby Harry Received His First Assignment Today, Just One Day After Registering!

Models Direct loves giving models the chance to show off their skills and helping them get their foot in the modelling door. That’s why everyone in the office was really excited to hear about model Harry.

Harry signed up with Models Direct yesterday and has already been selected for his first assignment and at just five and a half months old he’s starting his career early! The young baby model will be taking part in a photoshoot alongside one of our female models, Gemma.

I’ll let you know how the photoshoot goes!

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