Make-up Tips and Hot Colours for Winter from the Models Direct Team

At the end of 2009 we were all reading up on the latest trends and make-up was no exception. After all, what better way to set off our statement shoulders, distressed denim or over the knee boots?

Whatever your style, your make up is the icing on the cake, completing your individual look and saying a lot about who you are. So how do you get it right? And what are the current key shades and leading products that we should all be taking note of?

Models Direct would like to share some tips on what’s hot for winter…

•    Skin – Luminous dewy skin with subtle highlights is a great place to start.

•    Colour Trends – There is no doubt that sophisticated purple is big news for those who wish to keep their look bang on trend into next season, from deep plum shades to softer hues.

•    Eyes – Should be mysterious and smoky and may include wet-look/metallic shadows on inner corners.

•    Lips – It is probably best to stick with the nude lips trend if you are going to experiment with bold eye shades. (Red lipstick is back as an alternative look for those who dare, but Models Direct would advise that you keep other colour on the face neutral if you are going for red lips.)

Christian Dior
have really set the tone for the winter make up shades with their ‘New Fall Look’, including a gorgeous purple range, created by Artistic Director, Tyen, and inspired by John Galliano’s catwalk collections as seen on models on the Dior runways earlier in the year. Tyen has been with Dior for 30 years and his expertise shines through when you take a closer look.

The ‘New Fall Look’ according to Dior, is, “Very 30’s” and “Wildly glamorous…” and takes influence direct from “icons of Hollywood studios and the figureheads of the Jazz age”

Look out for the ‘Jazz Club eye pallette’ shown below, complete with brow shadow and eyeliner and presented in a cute and stylish clutch bag-style compact, this product puts you in mind of smoky Parisian jazz venues and can provide the wearer with the kind of mysterious elegance that Autumn/Winter 2009/10 is all about.
If you are lucky enough to have green, blue/green or hazel eyes the new purple shades will look stunning on you, however if you feel purple is too bold for you the colour palettes below provide fab alternatives;

Best for brown eyes; (Blue/Teal hues)

Best for blue eyes; (Brown/Gold hues)

Also check out MyFace Eye Touch ‘Blingtones’, available at boots for a more affordable look.

If you’re already thinking about spring come back soon for a Models Direct beauty update.

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Set A Model Example And Buy Direct from Organic Suppliers!

Organic make-up and skincare has been getting more attention lately, and it’s about time. Harmful substances in your beauty products can be toxic, and as a nation the UK is ill-informed about these risks.

Your skin is your biggest organ and it is really important to be aware of what you are coating it with.

It is also a direct reflection of what is happening internally, but while most of us seem to be getting more conscious about what we put into our bodies, we do not appear to be taking what we put onto our bodies quite so seriously. It’s about time our make-up bags were as health-aware as our grocery bags!

Consumers of organic cosmetics are poorly served by regulators. There is no regulation over the term “Organic” or even “Hypoallergenic” in the skincare industry and many companies take advantage of that. Marketing tactics, such as labelling products as ‘containing olive extract’, or ‘with rose’ can cloud our judgement. The truth is that the manufacturer can extract anything from a natural source and process it to the point where it doesn’t even remotely resemble the original ingredient, yet they can continue to legally imply that the product is ‘full of natural goodness’ and so on.

On researching this topic Models Direct have been disappointed to find that the UK Organic certifying body is associated with compromised standards. The USDA (United Sates Dept. of Agriculture) seems more stringent in its approach and the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) appears to follow the strictest guidelines in terms of protecting the consumer from synthetic chemicals within skincare products.

In order to feel confident that you are using a genuinely ‘organic’ skincare product, Models Direct would advise that you try to stick with products that have been approved by the USDA and ACO or at least one of the two.

Models Direct recommend checking out this website run by the Environmental Working Group. It has a comprehensive database that allows you to search for specific products and access detailed information about their ingredients and possible side effects. Lastly, here’s some good news for all you image and environment conscious people out there – you can look after your skin and the planet better, with organic products in eco-friendly containers from suppliers such as ONE Group.