Models Direct: A Day Out in London

Back in June, four lucky child models were chosen to take part in a photo shoot at the Natural History Museum in London for children’s clothing company Vintage Kit.

After the museum it was on to Hyde Park for more photos. Although it was a long day for the young models, their parents gave us some positive feedback.

“Eniz had a great day on the Vintage Kit photo shoot,” her dad Besh commented. “The contact on the day was very understanding and very patient with the young children on the assignment…”

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Models Direct’s Child Modelling Assignment with Kit for Kids

Nine child models were chosen to take part in a number of assignments with Models Direct repeat client Kit For Kids. However, it didn’t wasn’t too much hard work as they were photographed playing with the company’s products. Read on for some of the feedback from the parents.

“Morgan was asked to play with toys, read books, pull faces and play with the group,” Morgan’s mum Claire informed us. “Morgan really enjoyed the shoot and she made friends with the other children involved. She was very relaxed and performed well.”

“Zach had a great time modelling for Kit For Kids,” Zach’s mum Sam agreed. “This was his first modelling assignment and he loved every minute of it. Zach enjoyed having lots of different photos taken and made some great friends that he hopes to see again. Thank you Models Direct for a great day!”

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Ashleigh and Shae-Love are Still Getting Dressed Up

Models Direct has had some feedback from Ashleigh and Shae-Love’s most recent assignment with fancy dress company Smiffy’s. Here’s what their mums had to say about their photo shoots.

“Ashleigh said she felt ‘fantastic’ being a model for the day as it ‘was good fun’,” her mum Kerry told us. “The best thing about the day’s assignment was at the end of the photo shoot the six children chose a fancy dress costume to wear, danced in it, played with balloons, party poppers and bouncy balls – lots of fun!”

Shae-Love’s mum Selina confirmed that the assignment was really fun for all involved.

“Another great assignment,” Selina said. “Shae is becoming increasingly confident, she felt very special. The best thing about the assignment was that Shae-Love got the opportunity to wear different outfits and get her makeup and hair done, which she loved.”

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Ashleigh and Shae-Love are STILL Enjoying Assignments with Smiffy’s

Smiffy’s favourite child models Ashleigh and Shae-Love were selected yet again for two more assignments with the fancy dress company. They have already had their first of the two assignments, a fitting session, and are looking forward to the photo shoot next week.

Ashleigh’s mum Kerry offered her feedback.

“We drove Ashleigh to Leeds for costume fittings for the client Smiffy’s,” she told Models Direct. “As usual the staff were very friendly and made both Ashleigh and I feel very welcome.”

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Six Year Old Bethany Proved to be the Perfect Model

At the end of last year one child model from Peterborough, Bethany, took part in a photoshoot for Trimedia UK, the European PR company of the year.

They were looking for a cute child model on behalf of their clients Indesit Company and NPower and required the child to be photographed spelling out words with magnetic letters on a fridge.

Trimedia had previously selected a model, but when the advert was put together they felt that they hadn’t achieved the right look. Emma and Libby at Trimedia were shown a selection of model portfolios with professional pictures and even though Bethany’s portfolio picture was one that was taken at home they could see she would be perfect for the role. With only a few days’ notice Bethany was chosen to attend the photoshoot in Peterborough.

It was the first assignment for the five-year-old, and both her and her mum Sarah enjoyed the experience. Models Direct asked Sarah how the photoshoot went.

“Watching Bethany was an amazing feeling, I’m very pleased,” Sarah told one of the Models Direct coordinators. “Bethany is a natural, she knew what to do. Keep on with the good work.”

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Ashleigh and Shae-Love Have Repeat Assignments with Smiffy’s Fancy Dress

Smiffy’s fancy dress company have come to Models Direct five times since November, looking for child models to show off their costumes on the website, they even keep coming back asking for two of our young models.

Ashleigh and Shae-Love are firm favourites of Smiffy’s and have both completed a number of assignments with them. They don’t seem to mind too much – after all, what little girl wouldn’t love to spend a few days trying on fancy dress outfits!

“Ashleigh’s first assignment was magical,” Ashleigh’s mum Kerry told Models Direct. “As a family we enjoyed every minute of it. Ashleigh really enjoyed dressing up in all the fancy dress costumes, having her make-up applied and especially her hair curled, making her feel like the princess that she is!”

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