A Model Attitude

We’ve been focussing a lot on fashion news and gossip recently so I thought, seeing as we are a modelling agency, we should get some modelling tips up.

Lots of people seem to think that the only attributes you need to become a model are stunning looks and a skinny body. But while this can sometimes be the case (it all depends on the type of modelling) these aren’t the only things that are important. You need to have a good attitude towards your work.

You need to have confidence in yourself. You might be beautiful but you also need to be relaxed and confident in front of the camera, on the runway or with speaking to people, depending on what area of modelling you want to work in. Lots of our models say how nervous they are at the start of an assignment, especially if it’s their first job, but once they relax they have a fantastic time.

Be patient and persevere. Modelling is a competitive industry and so you’ll have to learn to be patient when trying to find work. Photo shoots and other assignments can also mean a long day and some hard work, but no doubt worth it in the end.

You also need self-discipline to keep yourself fresh-faced and healthy; it doesn’t matter whether you’re a high fashion catwalk model or a plus size model. Be aware that modelling could also mean some very early mornings!

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Models Direct: Tyra Banks is always looking confident and relaxed in photos
Models Direct: Tyra Banks is always looking confident and relaxed in photos

– Kathy @ Models Direct