Jamie Spent the Day Modelling Stylish Sportswear

SubSeventy is a golf clothing company that aims to ‘funk up your game’. When they needed a man to model clothes on the website, they came to us. They wanted someone aged twenty-five or over, who was over 6ft and fit and healthy looking.

Jamie was the man chosen to model the stylish sportswear and the photos are featured on the website. This was his first assignment with Models Direct since signing up in June.

He gave us some feedback on how the photoshoot went.
“It went very smoothly and ran on time, the whole experience was very professional,” Jamie informed us. “It was good fun and I was treated well by the photographer.” He said the best thing about the assignment was being paid to have fun.

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Models Direct Gets Creative!

Last month Candice from Cyates Photography came to us looking for a male model to take part in a rather unusual assignment. The perfect model had to be slim with great features and someone who wouldn’t mind being covered in body paint!

The photographic assignment was for an art project shoot and it was Models Direct model Glyn who was selected. He told us that body paint was a new area of modelling for him but that it was very good fun.

We also got a great response from Candice. When asked how the assignment went she told us: “Great! The model was right on time and extremely easy to work with. The model had a great positive attitude.”

We haven’t seen the photos yet but if they’re anything like the rest of Cyates Photography’s work they’ll be fantastic! You can have a browse on the website here, our favourites are of boats stranded in the sand.

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Women’s magazine puts male nudity on the shelf!

Models Direct: Filament
Models Direct: Filament

New women’s magazine ‘Filament’ is launching a campaign to combat the explicit images of women available at newsagents – by ensuring there are male pictorials to accompany them!

The publication wants to print images of “high photographic and erotic quality” in a magazine aimed at women, but they are facing conflict in doing this from printers.

In order for them to create their magazine, which is “designed fro the female gaze”, they need to sell 328 copies of their first issue, available now through their website. If you’d like to help make history and print the first ever explicit male pictorial in a British women’s magazine, get your copy now!

– Lauren @ Models Direct