Models Direct Do Shoot For NHS Campaign

Model’s Direct model Jodie recently took part in an NHS advertising campaign showing the negative effect of weight gain caused by alcohol. In order to demonstrate this message Jodie was shot struggling to fasten her jeans!

Jodie had a brilliant time, ‘It was a lot of fun and I had a great day. The photographer was also really friendly and put me at ease. I look forward to my next assignment.’

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Models Direct: Who Wears Short Shorts?

When Aaduki Multimedia came to Models Direct looking for a male promotional model they needed someone who wouldn’t mind showing some flesh! It was toned model Jake who was selected to wear the company’s tiny shorts, handing out promotional material at an event.

“It felt great to be a model for the day,” Jake told us in his feedback. “Felt a bit self conscious at first as was only wearing small shorts but soon got into it. Would feel find doing it again! I was asked to hand out promotional bags for the company and have photos taken with people and for the company.

You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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Female Models Meet and Greet at Corporate Day Out

When one of the models selected for a promotional modelling assignment at a golf day was unable to make it, model Heidi was more than happy to fill in. She worked at the golf day, along with model Laura, meeting and greeting participants at the event.

“I was really pleased to be asked attend this job and really enjoyed it,” Heidi informed Models Direct in her feedback. “It involved interacting with participants at a corporate golfing day and was a really nice atmosphere.”

“It was fun and friendly” Laura agreed. “Lovely place to work and it was nice to chat and meet new people. Meet and greet was all we had to do so felt very relaxed.”

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Models Direct’s Peter Takes a Trip to Portugal

Every so often our lucky models are given the opportunity to not only show off their talents in photographic, production and promotional roles, they get to go on a trip abroad as well! This is what happened when model Peter was selected for an assignment for Synergy.

Peter travelled to Portugal to take part in a corporate event for medical professionals. Peter, who has plenty of experience in drama and extra work, performed a monologue and in a role play for the company. From what we’ve heard it seems like an enjoyable and luxurious few days for the model.

“The clients were lovely,” Peter told Models Direct. “Always encouraging me and making me feel really welcome. The accommodation and travel was perfect – even though there was an hour’s delay on the return flight, there was a chauffeured car waiting to take me home when I arrived, which was really excellent.”

You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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Fun and Games for Models Direct’s Michal

When gaming company Namco Bandai came to Models Direct they were looking for a muscly male model to act the role of one of the characters from a new game. It was model Michal who was selected for the assignment. He spent one afternoon/evening handing out promotional material and presenting an award in London.

In his feedback, Michal told us that it felt really good to be a model and the best thing about it was spending a day in the spotlight. We’re all pleased to hear that he had fun!

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“I had lots of fun on this assignment,” says Model Julia

Recently, three of our female models, Toni, Claire and Julia took part in a promotional assignment at Folkestone Racecourse. The girls were promoting the Ashford Designer Outlet and therefore got to wear some gorgeous clothes. Everyone had a good day and we had some great feedback from the models.

“I had lots of fun on this assignment,” 22-year-old Julia told us. “The clients were very friendly and organised things efficiently. I loved being allocated our clothes. I got to wear this amazing big black hat and dress from L.K Bennett. There was a great atmosphere at the racecourse. It was a sunny day and I enjoyed chatting and joking with lots of people.”

You can read more about what the women thought about the assignment here.

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Models Direct’s Tabitha Plays the Blushing Bride

Model Tabitha was given the enviable job of modelling bridal accessories for Rainbow Club. Although there was a mix-up on the date of the assignment (no one could find anyone else!), Tabitha did so well that she’s been asked back for a similar assignment soon. Here’s what Tabitha said about the promotional assignment.

“They were really friendly and it was a relaxed environment,” Tabitha told Models Direct coordinators. “I had clear directions; I had to wear the shoes, veils and headpieces and also have some photos in the veils. All went well so they want to use me again.”

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More Assignments with Natuzzi

After being so happy with Models Direct models first time around, furniture company Natuzzi Services Ltd returned to us for another weekend of promotional assignments.

Natuzzi needed a number of models to work in their shops across the UK, meeting and greeting customers. Again the models involved were pleased with how their assignments went, despite some admitting that it was not the type of work they were expecting.

Models Direct asked the models for their feedback on how the assignments went. Ubed and Rachael were both working in the Croydon store.


“It felt really good doing promotional work for a high-end company and also representing Models Direct in a professional manner,” model Ubed reported to Models Direct. “Best thing I would say was being able to work in a great atmosphere and interacting with the customers.”


Rachael was also enthusiastic about the assignment.

“We both had to meet and greet customers into the store, check whether they needed any sales help and then offer them refreshments,” she explained. “The team at Natuzzi are so friendly and lovely, they make the day fly by. I hope to see the staff again in the future!”

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Repeat Assignments With The National Sporting Club

You may remember that a while ago Models Direct had an assignment with The National Sporting Club, a high class hospitality provider for, you guessed it, sporting events.

As was the case for Models Direct’s first assignment with company, The National Sporting Club required promotional models to help out an auction and function at Twickenham Stadium.

For the first assignment back in November the England rugby team were playing New Zealand. More recently our models were helping out at events as part of the Six Nations Tournament.

Models Direct asked the girls how they got on…


“This was my first job from Models Direct,” Diana explained. “The job was very easy and nice. Me and seven other girls worked as hostesses. We had to meet customers and smile. It was a great experience for me. I hope to get similar jobs again.”


“It felt extremely good to be recognised as a model,” model Nirmin agreed. “The best thing about the assignment was getting to meet new people and interacting with them on a professionally friendly level.”

As the models seem to really enjoy assignments with The National Sporting Club, Models Direct hope that there are many more assignments with the company to come!

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Promotional Modelling with Models Direct for Natuzzi Furniture

When luxury furniture company Natuzzi needed some models to help meet and greet at some of their stores, they turned to Models Direct!

Natuzzi needed friendly models for three locations in Croydon, Manchester and London to welcome customers to the stores. Raymond, Katie, Shelene, Andrew and Rachael were the models chosen, and although it was an unusual modelling assignment in many ways, they still all enjoyed it.

“I had a very relaxed and fun day working for a luxury Italian furniture store,” Katie, who was working at the Finchley Road shop in London. “The staff were all really friendly, as was the other model I was working for. My job was to see if the customers were happy and I learnt how to use a coffee machine – always handy!”


You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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