“I haven’t had that much fun for a long time,” says Model Adrian

Modelling morris-dancing outfits may not sound very glamorous, but it proved to be a great day for 49-year-old Adrian. He was involved in a photo shoot to compare the old costumes with the more modern outfits that have just been introduced. Here’s what Adrian had to say about the assignment.

“I haven’t had that much fun for a long time,” Adrian explained enthusiastically. “The shoot was relaxed, professional and fun. I trust I got on OK with the photographer and the person for whom he was working. I hope I did well and produced the goods for the client.”

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Models Direct Gets Creative!

Last month Candice from Cyates Photography came to us looking for a male model to take part in a rather unusual assignment. The perfect model had to be slim with great features and someone who wouldn’t mind being covered in body paint!

The photographic assignment was for an art project shoot and it was Models Direct model Glyn who was selected. He told us that body paint was a new area of modelling for him but that it was very good fun.

We also got a great response from Candice. When asked how the assignment went she told us: “Great! The model was right on time and extremely easy to work with. The model had a great positive attitude.”

We haven’t seen the photos yet but if they’re anything like the rest of Cyates Photography’s work they’ll be fantastic! You can have a browse on the website here, our favourites are of boats stranded in the sand.

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Models Direct’s Christmas ‘Tails’

Earlier in the year, Models Direct provided Refinery Photography with these pet models for the Kleeneze Christmas catalogue. As Christmas is quickly approaching, now seems an appropriate time to post the photos!

Rudi the cat and Enrique the dog had to get in the Christmas spirit early as this festive photoshoot took place in June!

Both of the pets’ owners were pleased with the assignment, especially Rudi’s owner Joanne as she had only signed up the day before.

What do you think of the photos? Here at Models Direct we think they’re adorable!

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Sound Activated T-shirts…

Have you seen these yet? These shirts are sound sensitive and act just like the Graphic Equalizer on your stereo; yes, each bar on this one picks up a different frequency and reacts accordingly.

Models Direct: Sound Activated T-shirts
Models Direct: Sound Activated T-shirts

I spotted a guy in one a while back at a gig, but had no idea where they were available from until now. Music geeks and attention seekers can pick one up here.


  • Black cotton t-shirt with a sound activated illuminating panel.
  • The lights flash in green, yellow and red in time to music and sound.
  • The graphic equalizer T-shirt is available in small, medium and large.
  • The illuminating panel is powered by a detachable battery pack.
  • The battery pack has an on/off switch.
  • The battery pack can be unplugged for washing the T-shirt.
  • The T-shirt is hand wash only.
  • Do not iron the image part!
  • Requires 4 x AAA Batteries (not included).

– Louise @ Models Direct

A good money saver or just bizarre?

Models Direct: Gloves with a twist
Models Direct: Gloves with a twist

Fashion and jewellery designer Anna-Sara Dåvik featured these gloves in her autumn/winter 2009/10 collection, and Brazilian model Alice Dellal has been seen out and about in a pair, but what do you think of these gloves?

The gloves have fake nails attached to the outside of them, which to me, seems a little strange. I can’t help but think of monster-like gloves that children have in their dressing up boxes!

I suppose sticking fake nails to your gloves is a cheaper alternative to a manicure, but I don’t think it will catch on. She also created some 18 carat fake nails that are made like rings to fit on the top of your fingers.

I’d never heard of Anna-Sara Dåvik until I discovered this creation so I decided to have a look at some of her work. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I liked what I found, especially her Autumn/Winter 2006 collection. She uses quite a lot of pale, earthy colours and creates oversized outfits that just look really comfy. The catwalk at Stockholm Fashion Week was scattered with flowers which suited the 2009 collection perfectly.

Models Direct: Gloves with a twist
Models Direct: Gloves with a twist

– Kathy @ Models Direct


Models Direct: Watches
Models Direct: Watches

Everyone loves a witty quote or logo, and normalwatches.com has embraced this and made some fun watches. They’re bright; they’re eye-catching and some might consider them to be a little immature.

There’s the ‘Social Networking’ watch, which has a logo from the top social networking sites where the numbers would be. I’m a bit relieved that I don’t recognise all of the logos. Another one for social networkers is the ‘Facebook Ruined My Life’ watch. I’m sure plenty of people can understand that one!

I think they’re great fun, although obviously not suitable for all occasions. If you were designing a similar style watch which quotes or logos would you go for?

They cost around $20 and you can find a list of suppliers on the Normal Watches website.

– Kathy @ Models Direct