More Assignments with Natuzzi

After being so happy with Models Direct models first time around, furniture company Natuzzi Services Ltd returned to us for another weekend of promotional assignments.

Natuzzi needed a number of models to work in their shops across the UK, meeting and greeting customers. Again the models involved were pleased with how their assignments went, despite some admitting that it was not the type of work they were expecting.

Models Direct asked the models for their feedback on how the assignments went. Ubed and Rachael were both working in the Croydon store.


“It felt really good doing promotional work for a high-end company and also representing Models Direct in a professional manner,” model Ubed reported to Models Direct. “Best thing I would say was being able to work in a great atmosphere and interacting with the customers.”


Rachael was also enthusiastic about the assignment.

“We both had to meet and greet customers into the store, check whether they needed any sales help and then offer them refreshments,” she explained. “The team at Natuzzi are so friendly and lovely, they make the day fly by. I hope to see the staff again in the future!”

You can read more about this promotional modelling assignment here.

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Repeat Assignments With The National Sporting Club

You may remember that a while ago Models Direct had an assignment with The National Sporting Club, a high class hospitality provider for, you guessed it, sporting events.

As was the case for Models Direct’s first assignment with company, The National Sporting Club required promotional models to help out an auction and function at Twickenham Stadium.

For the first assignment back in November the England rugby team were playing New Zealand. More recently our models were helping out at events as part of the Six Nations Tournament.

Models Direct asked the girls how they got on…


“This was my first job from Models Direct,” Diana explained. “The job was very easy and nice. Me and seven other girls worked as hostesses. We had to meet customers and smile. It was a great experience for me. I hope to get similar jobs again.”


“It felt extremely good to be recognised as a model,” model Nirmin agreed. “The best thing about the assignment was getting to meet new people and interacting with them on a professionally friendly level.”

As the models seem to really enjoy assignments with The National Sporting Club, Models Direct hope that there are many more assignments with the company to come!

You can read more about these assignments here.

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Another Animal Assignment with Refinery Photography

Models Direct have just completed their third pet modelling assignment with Manchester company Refinery Photography. Again they were looking for animals to model products in the Kleeneze brochure.

Angel the dog and Dippy the cat were chosen for the photoshoot. Angel’s owner Nicola gave us an account of the day.

“We really enjoyed taking Angel today,” Nicola told Models Direct in her feedback. “The people were really nice to both us and Angel, she was a good girl and the seemed to be happy with her. She had three lots of pictures taken for the Kleeneze brochure, one for a safety gate, one in a car and one with a flashing collar light. Thank you for the assignment and we hope you will use Angel again in the near future.”

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Promotional Modelling with Models Direct for Natuzzi Furniture

When luxury furniture company Natuzzi needed some models to help meet and greet at some of their stores, they turned to Models Direct!

Natuzzi needed friendly models for three locations in Croydon, Manchester and London to welcome customers to the stores. Raymond, Katie, Shelene, Andrew and Rachael were the models chosen, and although it was an unusual modelling assignment in many ways, they still all enjoyed it.

“I had a very relaxed and fun day working for a luxury Italian furniture store,” Katie, who was working at the Finchley Road shop in London. “The staff were all really friendly, as was the other model I was working for. My job was to see if the customers were happy and I learnt how to use a coffee machine – always handy!”


You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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Models Direct Models Spend a Day at the Pictures!

It’s always nice when lots of different models get to work with each other. This was the case for a recent assignment with Emperor Design, for which our coordinators had to find twelve models, including children, teenagers and adults.

Emperor Design was working with Models Direct on behalf of Cineworld cinemas, who required models for all of their publicity material. The assignment involved the models being photographed around one of the cinemas in Aberdeen.

This was perfect for five-year-old Ellie, as her mum explains…

“Marc the organiser and Patric the photographer were really great. They made Ellie feel so at ease that she needed little or no direction, she just enjoyed herself.”

“Ellie was asked to sit in the cinema and watch the big screen while having her photo taken. She also had her picture taken while choosing pick and mix sweets, popcorn and ice cream, this was a little girl’s dream come true as she was allowed to eat it all!”

We have to say, it sounds pretty fun to us too! Below are a few pictures of the models who worked on the assignment.


You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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More Assignment Photos, This Time From Cosmic Link

At the end of last year Models Direct had an assignment with Japan-based hair stylists Cosmic Link. We’ve only just received the models’ photos from the assignment.

We think they all look beautiful!


You can read more about this hair modelling assignment here.

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Modelling Assignment With New Zealand Based Baby Accessory Company

Recently, Models Direct had an assignment with marketing consultants Intuisys, who are based just a few miles down the road from our head office in Norwich. They were looking for models on behalf of their client Outlook, based in New Zealand – not quite so close to home!

Outlook designs and produces various pram and pushchair accessories such as sunshades and snugs. They needed some baby models to demonstrate these products for publicity material.

Baby models Elsie, Sofia and twins Harrison and Jake were chosen for the photoshoot, which took place in Dereham, Norfolk. The assignment went well and Models Direct had some great feedback from the children’s parents.

“Elsie was very content and happy throughout the shoot,” her mum Amy told one of our coordinators. “She had a few changes of clothes and changes of props but she remained calm and looked like she enjoyed all the attention. I was pleased with the whole experience and hope to have more to look forward to in the future.”

“Harrison and Jake seemed interested and happy to participate and sit in pushchairs as required,” their mum Georgina agreed. “Both Harrison and Jake were asked to model sitting in various pushchairs for a pushchair accessory shoot. I dressed the twins as requested by Jakki, who was very good with Harrison and Jake who seemed at ease throughout our assignment. It was a great start and introduction to Harrison and Jake’s modelling.”

No doubt all of the babies’ mums are excited about the thought of their bundles of joy being in publicity material that will be seen all over the world!

You can read more about this baby modelling assignment here.

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Yet Another Assignment for Ashleigh with Smiffy’s Fancy Dress

Last month, fancy-dress shop Smiffy’s rebooked six-year-old Ashleigh for the third time to model costumes for their website. As always Models Direct had some glowing feedback from her mum Kerry after the assignment.

“This is the third modelling assignment with the same client during the last five months. Therefore same photographer, make-up artist etc,” Kerry explained. “Fab people that make Ashleigh and her mummy feel very welcome and at ease. Ashleigh posed confidently – a pro now! – in eight Christmas fancy dress costumes and wants to go back again. It must be the chocolate biscuits and blackcurrant juice!”

You can read more about Ashleigh’s assignments here.

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Photos of Model George Looking Great as The Slot Father

You may have seen the blogs about some of Models Direct’s recent promotional assignments, and now comes one with a difference! Companies often use young men and women to help meet and greet at trade shows and events, but for this assignment, Cyprus-based company Bet Soft Gaming wanted a different sort of promotional model.

70-year-old George was chosen to play the role of one of their mascots, The Slot Father. It was a three-day assignment helping Bet Soft Gaming at the Gaming Expo at Earls Court.

George has lots of experience modelling, but he’s more used to being in front of a camera. He still had a great time though, working with great clients and meeting the public. As you can see from the pictures he certainly looked the part!

You can read more about George’s promotional modelling assignment here.

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Gordan Meets DJs Promoting God of War Game

Here at Models Direct we were all really excited when a client approached the agency looking for a promotional model to visit some of the UK’s best-loved radio stations.

Beth was looking for a man to dress up as Kratos, the lead character from the God of War series of videogames. Gordan was the lucky model chosen. He spent Friday morning travelling to radio stations across London promoting the release of the latest God of War game on Playstation 3.

Models Direct were even more excited (and a bit jealous) when they received feedback from Gordan about the assignment and were told he had got to meet DJs including BBC Radio One’s Chris Moyles and Xfm’s Dave Berry!

“It was great dressing up as Kratos today for the PS3 promotion with John Doe Agency,” Gordan told the agency. “I got to meet celebrity DJs like Chris Moyles from BBC Radio and Dave Berry from Xfm.”

We’re all glad that Gordan had such a good time and really proud that he did a good job promoting top name brands and mingling with the stars!

Model Gordan With DJ Dave Berry

You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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