Models Direct’s Peter Takes a Trip to Portugal

Every so often our lucky models are given the opportunity to not only show off their talents in photographic, production and promotional roles, they get to go on a trip abroad as well! This is what happened when model Peter was selected for an assignment for Synergy.

Peter travelled to Portugal to take part in a corporate event for medical professionals. Peter, who has plenty of experience in drama and extra work, performed a monologue and in a role play for the company. From what we’ve heard it seems like an enjoyable and luxurious few days for the model.

“The clients were lovely,” Peter told Models Direct. “Always encouraging me and making me feel really welcome. The accommodation and travel was perfect – even though there was an hour’s delay on the return flight, there was a chauffeured car waiting to take me home when I arrived, which was really excellent.”

You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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Models Direct Model Appears on BBC Show

One of our models, John, recently appeared on BBC’s Crimewatch, but don’t worry, he’s not a criminal! John had a walk-on part in one of the TV show’s crime reconstruction scene. Here’s what he got up to…

“As this was my first assignment I didn’t know what to expect,” John explained. “After brief introductions and a soft drink we were whisked off to a private dining room to film the first few scenes. I knew I had a walk-on part but had no idea we would be ad-libbing as well as eating on camera. Once this was complete we were driven to another location to film the murder scene.”

“The other ‘actors’ were far more experienced than me but were easy to work with. Whilst the fee was modest the experience was invaluable and I hope to do more soon.”

You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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“I haven’t had that much fun for a long time,” says Model Adrian

Modelling morris-dancing outfits may not sound very glamorous, but it proved to be a great day for 49-year-old Adrian. He was involved in a photo shoot to compare the old costumes with the more modern outfits that have just been introduced. Here’s what Adrian had to say about the assignment.

“I haven’t had that much fun for a long time,” Adrian explained enthusiastically. “The shoot was relaxed, professional and fun. I trust I got on OK with the photographer and the person for whom he was working. I hope I did well and produced the goods for the client.”

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Another Assignment with Repeat Client DB Photography

Models Direct first worked with client David from DB Photography back in 2009. In April the photographer returned, even selecting the same model he had worked with previously!

Fifty-five year old Ericka was requested by the client to take part in another photoshoot, this time on location in Eaton Park, not far away from the Models Direct office! We asked Ericka how she felt about her second assignment with DB Photography.

“Really enjoyed this assignment,” Ericka informed one Models Direct coordinator. “Had modelled for David before so it was good to see him again. He’s a real professional and put me at ease. He took pictures of me with various things such as a phone, camera etc. Hope I get more work!”

You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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Models Direct Models Spend a Day at the Pictures!

It’s always nice when lots of different models get to work with each other. This was the case for a recent assignment with Emperor Design, for which our coordinators had to find twelve models, including children, teenagers and adults.

Emperor Design was working with Models Direct on behalf of Cineworld cinemas, who required models for all of their publicity material. The assignment involved the models being photographed around one of the cinemas in Aberdeen.

This was perfect for five-year-old Ellie, as her mum explains…

“Marc the organiser and Patric the photographer were really great. They made Ellie feel so at ease that she needed little or no direction, she just enjoyed herself.”

“Ellie was asked to sit in the cinema and watch the big screen while having her photo taken. She also had her picture taken while choosing pick and mix sweets, popcorn and ice cream, this was a little girl’s dream come true as she was allowed to eat it all!”

We have to say, it sounds pretty fun to us too! Below are a few pictures of the models who worked on the assignment.


You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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Photos of Model George Looking Great as The Slot Father

You may have seen the blogs about some of Models Direct’s recent promotional assignments, and now comes one with a difference! Companies often use young men and women to help meet and greet at trade shows and events, but for this assignment, Cyprus-based company Bet Soft Gaming wanted a different sort of promotional model.

70-year-old George was chosen to play the role of one of their mascots, The Slot Father. It was a three-day assignment helping Bet Soft Gaming at the Gaming Expo at Earls Court.

George has lots of experience modelling, but he’s more used to being in front of a camera. He still had a great time though, working with great clients and meeting the public. As you can see from the pictures he certainly looked the part!

You can read more about George’s promotional modelling assignment here.

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Shaun Proves to be a Popular Choice with Models Direct Clients

Models Direct recently had a request for an overweight male model to pose for a photoshoot for the Helen Hamlyn Centre. The clients were looking for images that could be used in the documentation of a new hospital gown, to be publicised in exhibitions and press releases.

It was model Shaun who was selected and he was soon setting out on his third assignment with Models Direct. The agency asked him how he felt about the assignment.

“The photographer gave me direction with the designer on what they wanted,” Shaun explained. “They were very pleased with the shoot which then made me feel great… I love being a model. Bring on more!”

You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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Two Models Direct Models Appeared on GMTV and BBC This Morning!

Wendy and Jahmel were modelling top designer Ben de Lisi’s hospital gowns.

More information coming soon!

Jacky and Kevin Had a Lovely Day Modelling in Cambridge!

Mature models Jacky and Kevin spent the day modelling around Cambridge for This is Deep design company on behalf of their client, Aviva.

It took a while for Gill and Malcolm from This is Deep to find the perfect models but they eventually found the perfect models. Jacky, Kevin and another model Lorraine spent a day being photographed in restaurants, walking by the river and punting to produce images for future publicity materials.

The three models and the team all got on well and all enjoyed the assignment.

“The assignment was fantastic, fellow models were lovely company and conversation flowed easily,” Jacky reported back to us. “The photographers were very easy to work for and were appreciative.”

She did have one small complaint though. There was a lot of walking involved and she wished she had worn some more appropriate shoes!

We also asked her what she would say to other older people who are considering taking up modelling in the spare time.

“If they were at all suitable and keen I would encourage them to apply to agencies for selection,” Jacky said. “I learned today that agencies need a wide selection of types and ages, and the models I met today had enjoyed all their assignments. Unreasonable demands are not placed by clients and certainly today was lovely.”

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