Models Direct: Get into Modelling

Models Direct know that female modelling is the most competitive segment the business and it really takes a lot of work to progress, and then even more to stay current. This doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself or work out twice a day, but professional female modelling does require that certain life choices are made and followed. In this article we outline several things that you should be doing if you want to get ahead in female modelling.

Take good care of your body. You must look healthy without the make up to look healthy with it, too. Make up doesn’t cover up everything and bad skin or dried out hair will let you down eventually. Eat well, eat a lot, and keep active. Whole grains, wheat, veg, fruit, and non-fatty proteins such as fish and eggs should make up the majority of your diet. Yoghourt with fruit it in makes a far better snack than a sugary cereal bar for example.

Choose your desired area of modelling. There are dozens of specialities that you probably have never heard of. Do some research, look at what they involve. Some have height restrictions, some have weight restrictions, figure out where you might fit in.

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