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Shaun Proves to be a Popular Choice with Models Direct Clients

Models Direct recently had a request for an overweight male model to pose for a photoshoot for the Helen Hamlyn Centre. The clients were looking for images that could be used in the documentation of a new hospital gown, to be publicised in exhibitions and press releases.

It was model Shaun who was selected and he was soon setting out on his third assignment with Models Direct. The agency asked him how he felt about the assignment.

“The photographer gave me direction with the designer on what they wanted,” Shaun explained. “They were very pleased with the shoot which then made me feel great… I love being a model. Bring on more!”

You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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Some Recent Models Direct Job Enquiries

Here at Models Direct we are inundated with exciting enquiries from clients looking for all sorts of models. To give you an idea of the range of assignments we receive, here are some of the recent requests we’ve had.

•    One client requested models to play a mother and child for product photography for a creative craft company.
•    A new alternative fashion website required female models with red hair for a photoshoot.
•    Another client was looking for a pure white cat for a photographic assignment.
•    A male plus plus-size model was needed for a lifestyle product photoshoot.
•    A major high street clothing company came to Models Direct looking for experienced female models to take part in a catwalk show. The models needed to be 30-50 years old and a size 12.

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Models Direct Models Get a 3D Makeover!

Models Direct were excited to hear about some rather unusual assignments last month. Almost twenty male and female models were chosen by client Infinite Realities, who specialise in creating digital 3D characters.

Each of the models posed while photographs were taken of them pulling different facial expressions. They could then watch as they were transformed into computer-generated characters such as those seen in films. We had great feedback from all of the models and Lee, founder of Infinite Realities.

Here’s just one model’s response…

“It was great, I really enjoyed it,” Model Damian told Models Direct. “It was amazing. The best thing about the assignment was the photographer was really professional and was very helpful. I was asked to sit and make faces as he took photos of me which would then be turned into 3D. It was really great and I enjoyed it.”

Here are some photos of our models Damian and Amy, showing the work that Infinite Realities do.

You can read more about this modelling assignment here.

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Two Models Direct Models Appeared on GMTV and BBC This Morning!

Wendy and Jahmel were modelling top designer Ben de Lisi’s hospital gowns.

More information coming soon!

Another Successful Assignment for Model Kat

Model Kat, who was lucky enough to work on the assignment for Schwarzkopf, also had an assignment with Torch B2B for Hobart.

Hobart is a company that provides caterers with various kitchen appliances. It was Kat’s job to demonstrate them for a video. Despite having a very early start, Kat was more than happy about how the assignment went. Here’s what she said about her morning…

“The TV crew I worked with were very friendly and communicative. It was a real team spirit as everyone mucked in throughout the day,” Kat explained. “It was great working alongside the male model who was also an actor so I gained some good tips from him!”

Models Direct staff have all been very proficient in organising my assignments so far,” she continued. “As long as you are confident and don’t get disheartened by rejection now and then it is a great job to have. The opportunities are endless and mostly very glam and fun!”

You can read more about Kat’s modelling assignments here.

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Baby Receives Assignment Within One Day of Registering – An Update

A while ago I posted the great news that one of our baby models, Harry, was chosen for an assignment within 24 hours of registering with Models Direct. We’ve had some great feedback from his mum Julia about his first modelling assignment. Here’s what she had to say…

“We had an early start to the day but Harry arrived in good spirits. He had to play an unwanted baby and therefore the shoots were natural shots of him in the other model’s arms,” Julia explained. “It took an hour or so to get enough pictures and he was really good until the very end when he grumbled a little as he was tired, but this just added to the realism of the shot.”

“I’m really glad it went smoothly as it’s obviously a little nervewracking, being his first assignment,” she continued. “We were made to feel incredibly welcome and everyone was lovely which made for a nice, relaxing experience. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result and any potential next assignments!”

You can read more about this baby modelling assignment here.

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